Renice 1.8
Renice Industrial USB 3.0 Solid State Drive
U3 1.8 Native USB3.0 SSD
Renice U3 1.8" Native USB3.0 SSD is a high-capacity flash memory Solid State Drive (SSD) based on Renice U3137 USB3.0 controller. Renice Native USB 3.0 SSD is designed on MicroB connect with USB3.0 interface, electrically with USB3.0 standard, downward compatibility with 480Mbps USB2.0 High Speed and 12Mbps USB2.0 Full Speed Transfer. With Window To Go technology, industrial USB 3.0 SSD could be used for System Disk, reduces the boot time and consuming far less power than a hard disk drive (HDD). Renice USB 3.0 SSD is designed to withstand harsh environments, it is vibration resistant and can work in lower and higher temperatures. No additional drivers are required, and can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.
Basic Information
Standard USB3.0 USB3.0, 5.0Gbps
Form Factor 1.8-inch (78.52mm x 56.0mm x 6.53mm) L×W×H
Connector MicroB stand USB3.0 Connect
Capacities 256GB~1TB (MLC SSD); 128GB~512GB (SLC SSD)
Input Voltage 5V(±20%)
Type Industrial SSD
Max Sequential Data Read/Write 250/160MB/s
Access Time 0.1ms
MTBF >4,000,000 Hours @40C
Burst Rate 200MB/S
4Kb Random Read/Write IOPS up to 25,000/8,000
Flash Memory Management
Flash Management Algorithm Static and dynamic wear-leveling, bad block management algorithm
Dynamic Power Management and SMART
BCH ECC 12/24/40/52/64/72 ECC per 1k Byte, CRC16 per meta data
Other Functions
Power Failure Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Secure Erase Optional
Temperature Ranges -40°C to +85°C
Humidity 5-95%
Vibration 20 G (7-2,000HZ)
Shock 2,000G (@0.3ms half sine wave)
· U3 1.8 Native USB3.0 SSD Datasheet V1.0.pdf

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