Controller & Firmware

Provides security and high reliable technical support from NAND Flash deep analysis, data encryption and secure erase technology.

Autonomous Control

RS3502 Controller – Independent R&D, Focus on industrial Field

  • AES Encryption
    In-built 256bit AES encryption,enable for various encryption and erase technology
  • 500 MB/s
    Sequential performance up to 500MB/s
  • 64 CE
    Design with dual 32bit processor, 8 lanes 64CE NAND channels
  • Firmware
    Optimize flash management according to industrial and industrial application scenarios
  • 80 BIT/1KB
    Each lane supports 8CENAND and super ECC ability to 80bit/1KB
  • DDR
    Support external DDR

Exclusive technology

Powerful ECC Capability to Extend Lifespan of NAND Flash

High-Radix LDPC
Renice self-developed SSD Controller adopts brand new ECC framework, High-LDPCTM Core and Cascade Decoding method, which delivers powerful ECC ability upto 80bit/1KB by each lane of total 8 lanes. Compared to conventional BCH capability, it corrects more errors in each page on the premise of same length of redundant, greatly improves the decoding ability and extends the lifespan of NAND Flash and data protection.

Test Result of

Renice ECC & Normal ECC

Conclusion: Renice Hyper ECC Technology improves MLC NAND Flash P/E up to 10,000 times with 3 years data retention.
Exclusive technology

No Trim-Full Speed Performance

Global Unique Technology

As the first one Controller can support No Trim function, RENICE SATA 6Gbps Controller can always maintain stable speed performance close to the initial value even without Trim supports. It perfectly solves the performance degradation caused by GC process when disk is full but no Trim supports.

Non-Balance Wear Leveling TechnologyTM

RENICE® Non-Balance Wear Leveling Technology extends SSD lifetime by 3 folds

Renice Non-Balance algorithm idea as: An able man is always busy

To overcome this technical difficulty, Renice think out of the box for previous assumption of "each block has same P/E cycle" balancing algorithm, and by means of Renice own NAND Flash tester system, deeply evaluate the real P/E cycle of each Page and Block, made higher P/E cycles blocks are erased more times while the lower ones get protected instead. Only when every block is not a bad block, it can be able to minimize the erase times of each block, thereby it can extend the usable lifetime of NAND flash.

According to the actual P/E Cycle, the ability to achieve more.

To extend lifespan via converting NAND mode based on the error threshold rate

MLC to SLC Technology

Combined with Non-balance algorithm, the MLC mode can be converted to SLC mode when Block’s UBER (Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate) reaches to a definite Vth.

Stable Performance

PR-Latency Garbage Collection Technology

*Above graph, we set 2MB pattern in IOMeter, do 100% writing tests for 7 days, still keeps stable performance.

Performance not less than


Renice adopts the exclusive PR-Latency algorithm in active Garbage Collection strategy, and cooperate with adjustable Over-provisioning according to different applications, making the performance reliability for SSD not less than 80% even under the status of 100% read and write load.

Proprietary technology

r-Backup Power Failure Protection

Note: r-Backup technology only apply for 2.5” SATA SSD and VPX product.

Shorten Write Time by


Renice r-Backup patented technology can shorten the time of data from DDR to NAND Flash by 50%-70%. In particular, r-Backup technology 100% guaranteed the data zero loss even if the capacitor is aging to 30% of its original designed power.

300,000 times Abnormal Power-off Test

0 Defect

RENICE adopts industrial-grade capacitor, ensures its stable performance even in extreme temperature condition. Combined with RENICE r-Backup technology, it delivers more time to allow data to be fully written. After 30,000 times abnormal power-loss test, Zero fault was verified.

Customize Special Functions

Focus on industrial and industrial requirement scenario customize
Patented technology
Physical Self-destruction in 100ms
For industrial and other sensitive data, the possibility of data recovery may not be completely avoided by software secure erase or data over-writing. Therefore, it is more reliable in terms of data security by destructing the physical storage media directly. RENICE Time-sharing Shunt technology can burn down flash chips one by one through high voltage, thoroughly avoid the possibility of data been recovered.

Time-sharing Shunt

Burndown flash chips one by one by means of time-sharing shunt design, ensure all flash chips are destroyed

Burn-down in 100ms

Ensure to burn down the flash chips completely within 100ms. The burning time of entire SSD is adjustable

High Voltage Breakdown

Breakdown the flash chips through high voltage thoroughly to avoid data been recovered

Real-time Feedback

Unique circuit to achieve real-time monitoring of burning status.

5s False Triggering

Default with 5s false trigger time after power on. The time is adjustable.

False Trigger Prom

There will be warning lights when pressing destruct button in state of power-off

Exclusive technology

SSD Data Destruction Methods in industrial Applications

Physical Space Displacement

Renice SSD can be customized with unique associated with the authorized host. When SSD is connected with unauthorized Host, which will automatically trigger the destruct function and thoroughly destroy data or SSD.

Connected with unauthorized Host

Renice SSD can be customized with unique associated with the authorized host. When SSD is connected with unauthorized Host, which will automatically trigger the destruct function and thoroughly destroy data or SSD.

Acceleration Induction

Renice provide SSD solution for warplane data security in mission critical applications. In case of the warplane was hit and began to crash, the SSD inbuilt accelerometer will sense the acceleration and start the destruct process when the set threshold is reached. The SSD will be physical destroyed without manual intervention. Even if the wreckage is found, there is no way to recover data information.

Independent development

High Reliable Rugged SATA Connector

Adopts ruggedized connector, Renice R-SATA SSD supports 360° fully connected even in strong vibration environment. Perfectly solved the reliable problem caused by transient poor contact of goldfingers in application fields of high vibration and strong shock.

Strong Buffer Design

The rugged connector with special buffer structure between connector and PCB. Each Pin is designed with spherical at the bottom, to ensure rotation at the same angle and maximize the buffer effect in face of strong shock and vibration, therefore to avoid damage of connectors.

Mother Connector designed with Double Casing

Take into account of simple-swap, no poor contact and not damage the Pin, the mother-connector is designed with double casing to provide enough buffer. And the inner 5 spring strip guarantee full contact with male connector perfectly.

Note: r-Backup technology only apply for 2.5” SATA SSD and VPX product.

Independent development

Software and Hardware High Security Encryption
Renice believes that the most effective encryption method is a combination of multiple encryption methods, so the self-developed encryption software + AES hardware encryption is used in Renice SSD to achieve double security to ensure data security.

Software Encryption

Renice Secure Drive Manager encryption software has multilingual versions for option, supporting three types of encrypted access method on files: single-user access, multi-user access, and multi-user binding to host access. The encryption software is built in the SSD firmware, cannot be deleted or modified, users can partition and encrypt the disk without installation.
This feature is only supported by 1.8” and 2.5” USB3.0 SSD.

AES Encryption

Renice provides AES 128bit and AES256bit hardware encryption

Perform Data Secure Erase under power failure

Normally the data information cannot be deleted completely if power supply been cut off suddenly during secure erase process, and two consequence caused: the data is still visible completely or partly; the SSD is unrecognizable but the data can be recovered by reading NAND Flash.

Secure Erase under Power Failure

Renice SSD adopts lithium battery with high capacity ratio, stable structure and outstanding performance as the backup power, and redesigns the power supply circuit to provide 3.3V charges on lithium battery through charge-discharge management circuit while main circuit 5V powers the system in normal operation. When the external power supply is cut off suddenly during erase process and voltage dropped to 4.2V, the lithium battery is automatically discharged powers to the system to support the erase completed.

High Specification Production Process

Strict High-Low Temperature Test
Exclusive process
Sorting Original NAND Flash with low Bit Error Rate
A large number of low-cost SSDs on the market adopt the good die or used Nand flash, these Nand flash with high Bit Error Rate are in low reliability. The SSD controller manufacturers often follow the specification of original NAND Flash to design ECC capability, therefore, for those Nand Flash with very high bit error rate, it’s hard for ECC to complete the error correction beyond the design index, so SSD failure is inevitable. However, such failure usually occurs in three months, half a year or even one year, causing huge losses to the clients.
10-5.8Bit Error Rate
Only original NAND Flash will be used in Renice SSDs, and all of them will be analyzed and tested with Renice NFA1000 (NAND Flash Tester) before SMT. To ensure the chips on Renice SSD are with maximum P/E Cycles and lowest Bit Error Rate.
Read more
* All original NAND flash are tested and sorted by Storlead's own NAND Flash Tester, then select the NAND with the lowest BER.

Exclusive process

industrial Grade Materials, Strict Production Process

industrial Standard PCB

The PCB adopts by Renice SSD is based on the cascading design and deeply combined with the requirement of industrial applications, while ensuring good heat dissipation, strict control of impedance and noise prevention. The material of PCB are made of industrial specific TUC high-speed board to guarantee durability even in extreme environment.
industrial-specific TUC board
Independent Cascading Design

Conformal Coating Technology

Renice have special Conformal Coating Treatment to ensure the specific thickness and uniformity for all the components, bare board with Renice Conformal Coating can work normally in water and maintain good heat dissipation.

Chips Reinforcement Technology

Renice has nature filling of the bottom of all chips with German imported filler. After heating to 125 °C till its completely cured, which can prevent the chips from loosening or soldering under the vibration environment, also can be waterproof, dustproof, and salt-spray resistant, etc.
industrial grade Rugged Connector
The thickness of gold finger for industrial grade rugged connector is up to 50μ, which guarantees the stable performance in extreme environments. The actual measurement ensuring 100,000 times plug operation, zero fault.

Key Processes

Strict High-Low Temperature Test

RENICE SSD temperature test includes Temperature Cycle Test and Thermal Shock Test. The specific test standard can refer to: GB/T 2423.34, IEC 60068-2-38, GJB150.5, etc.

Temperature Cycle Test:

72 Hours
Temperature Test Cycles last 72 hours in following orders. Keep running4 hours at -45°C temperature, then rising to +90°C and keeping for 4 hours, next lower the temperature to -45°C to finish a cycle.

Thermal Shock Test:

180 Seconds
The thermal shock test starts from low temperature, and keep the time interval of temperature change from -45°C to +90°C no more than 3 minutes. And then start from high temperature with same methods.

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