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Renice is one professional provider of storage solutions, computing service and data security systems. We devoted on developing and manufacturing premium quality and high-performance Rugged embedded storage solutions for aerospace, automotive, maritime, rail transit applications.

Renice is adhering to the customer first, focus on delivering customized storage solutions based on practical applications, such as 3-times lifespan improvement technology for heavy workload industry, rapid secure erase and physical destruction technology for super confidential data security, and Fix-BOM long term supply.

Our own SSD factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities SMT line and strict quality control systems. All Renice products are produced and tested in accordance with highest industry standard . 100% of Renice SSDs are put through high-low temperature testing from -50°C to +90°C and verified by 3,000 times power on/off testing before delivering to customers.


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Tel: 86-755-83258725 (Monday-Friday)
Fax: 86-755-83257295
F16/T1, Foresea Life Center, 1100 XingYe Road, Bao'an District 518101, ShenZhen China

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