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Rugged and Defense Solution

Modern warfare is a systematic combat based on information system, the key is to attack the information data storage system. No matter what modern weapons and equipment are used, data must be retrieved from the memory. However, if the information storage system is attacked devastatingly, the economic and Rugged combat system of the country will inevitably be damaged which will undoubtedly exceed any previous brutal war of weapons, technology and tactics.


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Data is hard to destroy completely

The data can't be destroyed completely by common deletion and formatting operation, it can still be restored by data recovery software. Even if the controller is burned, the data still can be recovered if the NAND Flash is undamaged.

Common Logical destruction, data can be recovered

SSD implement the logical destruction and formatting operations, the data may still be recovered.

Common Physical destruction, data can not be destroyed completely

The physical destruction solution on the market normally adopts high voltage method on NAND Flash to destroy all NANDs instantly. However, the possibility of burning all of NANDs at one time is 0 according by actual test.

Case Study

Customer's problem

A customer requires a military SSD solution which can destroy the confidential data of the field military combat system through remote physical destruction and completely destroy the data in limited time.

However, no military SSD solution on the market can meet customer's requirements after several rounds of actual tests.

Renice Analysis

In some military applications, the rugged SSD only supports logical data erase is unable to meet customer’s demand for data security.

Comparatively, a military SSD coppuled with physical destruction is a more reliable method from data security perspective. The key technique barrier for physical destroy a military SSD is how to guarantee all NAND Flashes on the military SSD are burned completely.

Renice military SSD provides a way of high voltage breakdown and Time-sharing Shunt physical destruction solution to burn down all NAND Flashes, 100% gurantee on data security.

Time-sharing Shunt

Burndown flash chips one by one by means of time-sharing shunt design,ensure all flash chips on military SSD are destroyed

High Voltage Breakdown

Breakdown the flash chips on military SSD through high voltage thoroughly to avoid data been recovered.

Real-time Feedback

Unique circuit on military SSD to achieve real-time monitoring of burning status.

5s False Triggering

Default with 5s false trigger time after power on. The time is adjustable.

False Trigger Warm

There will be warning lights when pressing destruct button in state of power-off

Renice physical destruction SSD 100% guarantee the security of data information of military applications

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