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Industrial CF Card for Wind Power Generation

Wind power energy is the most promising energy development nowadays. To improve the power generation efficiency and quality gets more and more attention in this field.

The power equipments are typically installed in extrem challenging locations, like windward coast, nearshore shallow sea area, inland windward flat land and hilly land. It characters of uninhabited, environmental harsh and maintennance costly, which brings unique challenges on storage devices: extrem temperature change, high humidity, shock and vibration, dust and salt corrosion risks, etc.


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Harsh operating environment and high maintenance costs

Rugged environment like enormous temperature fluctuation, humidity, dust and salt corrosion will cause storage solutions lifespan reducation and data corruption, also brings extremely high maintenance difficulty and costs.

Long service life of equipment

The wind power equipments are normally designed for 20 years’ operation, which requires high durability and reliability for all components.

Strict requirement on data reliability and integrity

The power equipments need to achieve real-time data acuiqisiton, so the data reliability is significant important.

Case Study

Customer's problem

One leading manufacturer of power energy equipments approched RENICE, on looking for a low-power rugged storage solution to support additional 10 years supply for current power generation system. The storage device should be toughness to tolerate rugged conditions and reliable to gurantee the data integrity in any case.

Renice Analysis

The storage solution need to be used and supplyed for 10 years in Fix-BOM, with amount of small files transmission. Any failure can have significant implications so a high reliable solution matters. RENICE recommends industrial-grade SLC CF Card solution with 60,000 P/E cycles. Low-power design and Rugged-grade conformal coating technology enhanced the unit’s protection against various environmental conditions.

360-degree Reinforcement Technology

RENICE H1 Compact Flash Card provides miliary-grade conformal coating technology, verifies in high-low temperature shock from -50°C to 90°C, enable it rugged and durable to withstand the damages from all kinds of harsh environment.

Top-level Reliability

RENICE rugged CF Card adopts the latest PATA controller, the customer can be achieved 5~10 years FIX-BOM component supply for current equipment. SLC NAND deliveres top level reliability, coupled with power-failure protection design, dramatically reduces the risk of data loss or disk corruption caused by abnormal power loss. Meanwhile, the firmware customized service perfectly solved the equipment compatibility problems.

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