Renice Industrial U9 eUSB DOM USB3.1
Renice U9 eUSB DOM disk adopts USB3.1(Gen1)
Renice Industrial Embedded USB Flash Drives
U9 Embedded USB DOM drive for embedded, server and network systems
Renice U9 eUSB DOM disk adopts USB3.1(Gen1) communication protocol and achieves the theoretical transmission rate of up to 5Gps under the DOM architecture of 24mm x 27mm (more than 150 MB/s in real tests). At the same time, Renice Industrial Embedded USB (eUSB) Flash Drives highly advanced flash memory management algorithm (ECC and wear-leveling) and encryption algorithm, which can realize write protect, startup disk, safety partition, secure erase and other functions, to ensure higher performance of data integrity and security. U9 Embedded USB DOM drive is an ideal storage solution for PC cache and boot drives for embedded, computer, server and network systems.
Basic Information
Interface USB3.1 Gen1
Dimension 24mm x 6mm x 27mm(L×W×H)
Form Factor 20pin
Capacity 4GB~256GB (MLC); 1GB~32GB (SLC)
Input Voltage 5.0V (±5%)
Max Sequential Read 200 MB/s
Max Sequential Write 150 MB/s
Flash Memory Management
Support Self-monitoring, analysis and report techniques and health monitoring of hard drives
Support Hardware BCH ECC Error Correction 96-Bit/1KB
Other Function
“Write Protect” Security Function To Protect Data In UFD
USB Connect SCSI Protocol (UASP)
Secure Erase
Industrial Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +85℃
Humidity 5-95%
Vibration 20G(7-2000HZ)
Shock 2,000G(@0.3ms half sine wave)
· Renice U9 USB3.1 DOM DATASHEET v1.0.pdf

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