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Remarkable breakthrough of MRD code technology brings highlight for information security


28 February, 2024, Shenzhen Renice Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Renice Technology”) has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in the domain of Maximum Rank Distance (MRD) codes through its Cryptographic Algorithm Lab, attaining microsecond-level encoding and decoding performance even under highly limited computational resources. 

“In simulated tests of Low-Earth Orbit and Medium-Earth Orbit satellite networks, the MRD code developed by Renice Lab has exhibited an improvement in error correction performance exceeding 10,000 times compared to traditional error correction codes (LDPC codes). This accomplishment is poised to significantly bolster communication reliability and efficiency, particularly in the challenging realms of space-based information networks and deep space communication, thereby marking a pivotal milestone,” remarked a pertinent spokesperson. 

Renice Technology has long been committed to the research and development of cutting-edge storage and computing products. This innovative technology not only amplifies data processing speed and transmission efficiency but also makes substantial strides in enhancing information security. From a mathematical standpoint, Renice’s MRD code algorithm is also regarded as a form of quantum-safe cryptography. Moreover, this technology stands as a cornerstone of next-generation communication technology. 

Historically, network encoding and decoding technologies have grappled with bottlenecks stemming from excessive computational complexity and high resource requirements. Confronted with mounting information security challenges, the MRD code innovation from Renice Lab maximizes the throughput of random linear networks, significantly enhancing network communication efficiency. This technology finds applications across diverse domains, spanning quantum computing, distributed storage, satellite communication, and extending to wireless network communication, wireless sensor networks, artificial intelligence & machine learning, and national cybersecurity. These applications breathe new vitality into the information technology industry and propel global information technology advancement. 

The CEO of Renice Technology expressed a commitment to furthering research in MRD code technology, expanding the practical application of this innovative technology, fostering sustainable and robust development within the information technology industry, and contributing Chinese insights and strength to the global information technology landscape.

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