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Renice BMC Intelligent Health Management Software Will Be Launched


Based on improving the overall performance of computers and effectively avoiding application failures and service levels, the BMC Intelligent Health Management Software independently developed by Renice Technology will be launched in near future.

Renice BMC Intelligent Health Management Software, BMC Intelligent Health Management Software

BMC intelligent health management software solutions cover distributed systems, mainframe environments, virtual machines, and cloud computing environments. Currently, Renice is one of the few companies in China that can independently complete the development of BMC intelligent health management software.

The BMC Intelligent Health Management Software includes main functions as follows:

  1. Support accessing through the serial port of the system;

  2. Support Fault log recording and SNMP alert sending;

  3. Support accessing the system event log (SEL) and sensor status;

  4. Can control power-on and power-off;

  5. Support independent of system power or operating status;

  6. Available for test console redirection for system settings, text-based utilities, and operating system consoles.

Furthermore, it also achieved 24-hour monitoring, rapidly diagnosing and repairing, removing application failure on performance and availability, to ensure the application in high reliability and performance, and highly improved user satisfaction. Also, it kept the efficient linkage between components, board card, whole computer and system, further reinforced the sound operation and greatly reduced the probability of computer downtime in extreme environments, thereby ensuring the data security.     

Renice BMC supports standard IPM2.0 specifications, can achieve development according to standard protocol VITA46.11 and any customized requirement.  

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