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Ultra High Speed CFexpress Card Type B for Digital Cameras


CFexpress Card Type B is becoming the industry standard for high resolution and high bit rate video recording. With the innovation of high-end professional photography equipment, the performance requirements of memory cards are becoming higher and higher, in which the read/write speed and stability become the most important performance indicators of camera memory cards.

Recently, Renice launched a CFexpress Card Type B for professional cameras, which is exciting news for the photography industry.

Ultra-high-speed CFexpress Card Type B for digital cameras 2023


High speed and stability


Renice CFexpress Card Type B achieves ultra-fast speed through PCIe3.0 x2 interface and NVMe protocol, read speed up to 1782.70MB/s and write speed up to 1629.47MB/s. Renice CFexpress Card Type B has passed the rigors of continuous full-capacity recording with 6K cameras, it is suitable for professional videographers who need to capture high-resolution images and shoot cinematic 6K video.


When you are shooting high-speed sports shots, you definitely don't want to see the device prompt "writing". Therefore, high-speed camera memory cards have become the first choice for most photographers. The speed of the Renice CFexpress card has far exceeded the write speed requirements of today's camera technology. It is very suitable for continuous shooting of high-speed action in RAW files without compression, such as high-speed sports like racing cars and wild animals.


Stable performance is also the advantage of Renice CFexpress card, which greatly guarantees that the memory card will not drop frames when it runs at high speed.



Small size and large capacity


With capacities of up to 1000GB, Renice CFexpress cards can store massive high-quality images and 6K videos without frequent card changes. In addition, Renice CFexpress card features a lightweight metal design, which not only improves the durability and heat dissipation of the card, but also prevents the card from overheating. It is compact enough to carry around.



High compatibility and high P/E Cycle


Renice CFexpress Card has been tested by BLACKMAGIC 6K(PRO), Canon EOS C500 MK II, Nikon D850, Panasonic LUMIX DC-S1R and other cameras. With pSLC technology, the P/E cycle is more than 5000 times.



High-end quality and ultra-low power consumption


Renice CFexpress Card Type B is aimed at the high-end consumer market. Based on Renice's proven industrial-grade design and manufacturing technology, it delivers a high performance and reliable consumer experience. Industrial-grade quality makes the product extremely rugged, whether it's for outdoor adventures, sporting events or location shooting, Renice CFexpress cards can handle it all.


In addition, it can operate continuously over 0º C to +70º C, and can be stored in harsh environments with ultra-high and low temperatures of -40º C to +85º C.


Renice is always in pursuit of providing excellent quality to its customers. Renice CFexpress cards exclude the interference of X-ray, strong UV, static electricity and magnetic field, and cope with all kinds of complex shooting environment with ease, so that the shooting can be carried out more smoothly.


At the same time, Renice CFexpress Card adopts the latest generation of main control, the average power consumption of reading and writing is less than 1.7W, much lower than the power consumption of other products in the market (generally in 2.5W-3W).



Today, technology offers unlimited possibilities for artistic innovation, and Renice will continue to develop and innovate products to provide better user experience. In the future, Renice will continue to improve and strengthen the advantages of its own R&D and production integration, and continue to provide users with higher quality and higher performance storage products.

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