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Same as Boeing, 5 Years of Zero to Fix the ASAAC Storage Module



LRMs is crystallizes the cutting-edge technology in the storage field. As part of the server storage system, LRMs mainly complete the data storage function, provides block-level data access services to the outside, and includes controls interface for externally providing data logical destruction and physical destruction. Except for functions above, under the guidance of design, the storage and storage control is divided for design independent, Applied to extreme environments where data security is extremely demanding. Since 2014, Renice LRMs have been used in the three modules by Boeing Co.

ASAAC Storage Module, 6U LRMs Control Module, Renice

Renice ASSAC Server Storage Control Module

As a leading provider of computing, storage, encryption, and data security system services in the rugged industry, Renice is Committed to solving the problem of data storage and security in airborne equipment, and completed the development of fully independent research and development of cutting-edge technology crystal LRMs server storage module, and successfully published in December 2018, It's recognized within half a year.

Design principles are as follows:

1. Follow the standardized design ideas and meet three requirements.

Follow the relevant national and military standards, adopt open and standardized design principles, design regarding advanced international standards and industrial standards, implement ideas of generalization, serialization and combination, makes the development equipment can meet the standardization of external dimensions, the modularization of internal connectors, the external interface is generalized, the hardware functions can be expanded, the performance can be upgraded, and the use and maintenance are convenient, etc.

2. Adopt mature technology to ensure moderately advanced equipment.

Based on the original mature products, the equipment is designed according to the current technology development, considering the maturity and advancement of the technology, so that the development equipment can maintain the advanced performance of the comprehensive performance within a certain period and meet the requirements of the system.

3. Develop reliability and maintainability design.

According to the actual use requirements, ensure the normal and stable performance of various design functions during the use of the equipment, reliability design is required to ensure stable and reliable performance; safeguard analysis and maintainability design are carried out to ensure the system is well protected and convenient. 

ASAAC Storage Module, 6U LRMs Control Module, Renice

Renice 6U LRMs Control Module

Furthermore, the LRMs are based on general rugged storage, they have more considerations in reliability:

1. Anti-electromagnetic interference design to effectively reduce electromagnetic interference on the power line;

2. EMI filtering measures are required at the input of the power supply;

3. Anti-surge design, the surge current at the input of the module does not exceed 2 times the rated current of the module. During any transient surge current, the input current can be restored to the specified steady-state limit within 10ms;

4. Load power-off design, the module has input voltage bleed capability (not relying on an external power supply system), the voltage at the input end of the module is reduced to +5V or less within 2s of input power supply or lack of input power;

5. Short circuit protection function and overheat protection design, etc.

To meet the flexibility requirements of the capacity, the single LRMs storage board capacity can support 2TB-32TB, and has the functions of logical self-destruction and physical self-destruction.

The LRMs connector combines the TE's Zd interconnect technology and modules of line-replaceable, to provide electrical stability in high-vibration environments with precision housing hardware rails to help ensure equipment stability under extreme vibrations. At the same time, it allows the engineer to quickly replace various modules on-site, makes minimizing downtime. Thinks to the modular design, systems with LRMs connectors are easier to configure for specific application needs and widely Applied to the sectors of industrial, avionics, radar, vehicle mission computers and communications.

At present, based on the achievements Renice will continue to expand production lines and services to meet the latest needs in the rugged industry, including the development of higher performance SSD, flash memory tests, rugged computers, chip of design, signal processing substrates, algorithm research and build the ecological advantage of the future. Take on more social responsibilities, devote to the development of national defense career, and committed to promoting frontier theoretical exploration and scientific research contributions from the perspective of global and human civilization progress.

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