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NFA100-E Nand Flash Tester



NFA100-E is developed for Flash Memory Controller developing engineers, professors, masters or doctors who are engaged in research of NAND Flash, and personnel from specific institutions doing research on reliability of Flash memory.

Technology Specification

1. Support 3D NAND with newest process, 1xnm, 25nm, 34nm, and 56nm NAND

2. Support SLC, MLC, TLC and eMLC Type NAND

3. Support 8-bit and 16-bit Asynchronous NAND

4. Support Synchronous, Toggle NAND

5. Support regular NAND from Micron, Toshiba, Samsung, Intel, Sandisk, Hynix

6. Support NAND with TSOP48, BGA63, BGA100, BGA132 and BGA152 package

7. Customized socket for NAND with unconventional package

Measurement Accuracy & Efficiency

1. Panel PC is connected with Main Test Board via USB2.0. Measurement is operated by FPGA test board and little resources of Panel PC is consumed. USB2.0 is only used to transfer test result to software running on Panel       PC. Such designs make sure that NFA100-E does not cause deviation with measurement data outputs by itself.

2. Measurement efficiency depends on performance of tested NAND and the specific measurement terms. For example, if NFA100-E is used to measure P/E cycle, the time taken for measurement depends on Blocks set to be

 measured, pattern settings and the performance of the NANDs

Special Purpose

1. Test the ability of BCH ECC or LDPC self-developed

2. Test Read Retry

3. Test NAND Flash at varying voltage

4. Test of physical destroy over NAND Flash

Breif Introduction

NFA100-E is a powerful while easy-to-use NAND analysis kit, which is able to satisfy users' request to obtain basic raw info of NAND and to reprocess these information.

1. NFA100-E is able to provide comprehensive raw data of NAND Flash.
Analysis of NAND Flash can only be done by sending Commands to NAND and then reading the outputs.

Besides common commands such as Erase, Programm, Read, Get ID, etc., NFA100-E is also able to send specific commands such as Set Feature or Get Feature, so that users can make verification on ReadRetry(RR)  of NAND Flash.

Furthermore, users of NFA100-E is allowed to customize commands(1-byte command) for special test purposes.

2. NFA100-E is able to reprocess raw data of NAND.
NFA100 is approved to be powerful to reprocess NAND raw data.

Also Renice is able to develop specific algorithm for clients’ customized demand, such as bad block detection or nand sorting.

NFA100-E supports all mainstream NAND Flash. For specific NAND not on the list, Renice is able to make supplement based on Data Sheets provided by clients.

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