Renice Rugged I7 6U VPX Computer
Rugged I7 6U VPX Computer
Renice Rugged I7 6U VPX Computer is a ruggedized high-performance VPX interface single-board computer based on the CM236 chipset design. Adopts 6U VPX bus architecture, conduction cooling and heat dissipation, as the core control component of the reinforced computer. Rugged I7 6U VPX embedded computer has the characteristics of strong overall performance, high stability, rich interfaces, etc., and is suitable for the calculation and processing of various compatible industrial computers.
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -55℃~+85℃
Power Specification
Operating Voltage Main power: 5V
Power Consumption ≤50W
Heat-dissipating Method Conduction heat dissipation, support air-cooled heat dissipation
Physical Specification
Product Appearance 6U VPX single-board architecture
Board Size 233.35mm*160mm
Operation System
Processor Onboard Intel® Core™ i7-6820EQ processor 8M cache, main frequency 2.8G, maximum core frequency 3.5 GHz, quad-core, eight-thread 45W, BGA1440
Memory Onboard dual channel 16GB DDR4 memory
Storage Onboard Renice 512GB SATA SSD
Graphics ASPEED's AST2400 chip, output VGA signal
OS. Windows -64bit, Linux
SATA 1x On-board SATA3.0 2.5inch-SSD interface; 2x SATA3.0 back interface
PCI-E 1x PCIe3.0 X16 (or 2x PCIe3.0 X8); 1x PCIe3.0 X4 4x PCIe3.0 X1
Internet 2x Gigabit electrical Ethernet adaptive interface; 2x Gigabit optical Ethernet interface
PS/2 1x PS/2 keyboard interface; 1x PS/2 mouse interface
USB 8x USB2.0; 2x USB3.0
Serial Port 4x RS232; 12x RS422
Audio Port 2x differential audio input; 1x audio output
Discrete Quantity Input Interface 12x discrete quantity input; 6x spare discrete quantity input
Fan Interface 1x fan
· Rugged I7 6U VPX Computer datasheet.pdf

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