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Renice Technology locates in ChangYuan New Material Port in Nanshan Technology Park zone, and as far has been certificated as National High-Tech Enterprises and National Double-Soft Enterprise.

Since the establishment, Renice has been focusing on the development and manufacture of Solid-state drive solutions with high performance and reliability, and till now has accumulated strong technical supporting ability and rich experience in automation, aviation, marine, industrial, automotive, medical and enterprise storage areas. Renice is now recognized as one of the most professional manufacturer of industrial and industrial level SSD in Solid-state drive industry.

Tel: 86-755-83258725 (Monday-Friday)
Fax: 86-755-83257295
E-mail: sales@renice-tech.com
Address: 2/F, Block7, ChangYuan New Material Port, GaoXin Central 1st Ave, NanShan District, 518057, ShenZhen, China
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