Renice® SSDs

Renice® Solutions

Renice develops and manufactures extreme performance, high reliability SSD products for various industries.


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Flash-based Storage Solutions

  • Independent research and development Controller, enables highest reliability and data security with functions

  • Powerful ECC capability and exclusive Non-Balance Wear Leveling TechnologyTM, extended lifespan

  • Unique No TRIM-Full Speed technology ensures Renice SSDs maintain stable performance.

  • Customized functions like Physical destruction, Logical destruction, AES encryption can meet

  • The industrial grade materials and strict production process ensure low defects and extended

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Rugged Computer Solutions

  • High reliability and diversified interface, suitable for compatible industrial computers and computing center

  • High-performance computing and high speed real-time bus

  • Support Air cool and Conductive cool

  • Extend Operating Temperature: -40°C~+55°C

  • Blockchain Solutions – IPFS Database Server Center

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Renice® Brand

Renice® News Center

Enterprise of China SSD National Standard Formulation

China National High-tech Enterprise

Designated Supplier of Wold Well-known Airline

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