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Physical Destruction

Burn through NAND Flash to destroy SSD

Date:2016-04-27   Tag:Physical Destruction   Source:Renice

Security Requirement on Sensitive Data

When it comes to sensitive data in military field, common data erase implemented by software or data overwriting is not able to completely exclude the realizability of data recovery. Comparatively, physical destroy of the storage media, usually the NAND flash, is a more reliable method from data security perspective. Renice is now delivering such a technique to burn through NAND flash on board to make sure no data could be recovered from the SSD once client triggers the destruction.

Key Technique Barrier

Key technique barrier for physical destroy is how to make sure all NAND Flashes on board are all burned through. E.g. usually there are 16PCs of NAND Flashes on a 2.5" SATA SSD. If only several PCs (less than 16PCs) of NAND are burned while left stay sound then it means an unsuccessful physical destruction.

Renice's technique deploy a specially designed electric circuit, which can make sure all NAND flashes in SSD will be burned through. Below video is shot at our lab when doing burn-through verification (for 1PC)

NAND Flash Status after Burn-through


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