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SATA 3 SSD Controller

SATAIII industrial controller

Renice industrial grade SATA III controller, implanted with Firmware optimized for special application such as data acquisition, is able to extend SSD lifespan (e.g MLC lifespan extended by 20 times) and improve the
SSD reliability significantly. RS3502-IT supports AES256 bit, sudden power failure protection, multiple Secure Erase and push-to-trigger physical destruction.

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Basic Specifications




  • SATA 6Gbps,SATA 3Gbps,SATA 1.5Gbps
  • NCQ
  • Spread-Spectrum Clocking (SSC)
  • Interface Power Management (IPM)

 Nand Flash Supporting 


  • 1x/2x/3x nm  SLC/MLC/TLC
  • Supports SDR / DDR Interface (max 200MT/s)

  • ToggleDDR2.0 / ONFI3.0

  • 8 Chip Enable per 1 channel

  • Wear-Leveling (Dynamic / Static)

  • Page Size: 2K/4K/8K/16K

  • Block Size: 64/128/256/512

  • NAND Flash data width: 8-bit

  • Command set: ONFI/Toshiba/SAMSUNG protocol

  • Programmable BCH strength (8-bit ~ 80-bit) and Codeword size (512/1024 Bytes)

  • Built-in AES-256/128 bits 



  • 8 Channel 


Max. Capacity supported 

  • 2TB



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